Customize Your Home’s Temperature with a Zoned HVAC System

Do you have rooms in your house that are warmer or cooler than others? If so, do you know why? One reason that basements tend to run cooler while rooms on higher floors tend to run warmer is because heat rises. It is also difficult to keep rooms with vaulted ceilings warm while rooms that receive direct sunlight are hard to cool down.

So how do you combat these issues and customize your house’s temperature? Make the switch to a zoned HVAC system.

Just like you don’t use one light switch to control your entire home’s lighting, why use one thermostat to control the temperature in your entire house? A zoned HVAC system means your home is divided into multiple zones, so you can customize the temperatures in each zone. With an individual thermostat, you can’t control the temperature in each room of the house. But with a zoned HVAC system, you can divide your home into zones with similar heating and cooling needs. An example would be keeping the temperature lower in the upstairs bedrooms and warmer on the main level of the house.

What are the advantages of a zoned HVAC system?

  1. It can save you money on your energy bill because it makes your heating and cooling more efficient. (For more tips on how to save money and energy in your home, check out this “Energy Savers” guide from the U.S. Department of Energy.)
  2. By using zone thermostats to control the temperature in each zone as you see fit, you make it more comfortable for your family by avoiding areas that are too hot or too cool. Plus, no more thermostat wars!
  3. Many systems have remote controls for you to change the thermostat’s settings, so you can enjoy the convenience of not having to walk to different areas of your house to change the temperature.

You can have a zoned system installed, or you can have your existing HVAC system zoned. By installing zone dampers in the ductwork of your home, you can control the airflow to each zone. Using programmable thermostats, you set the temperature for each zone. The dampers will respond by automatically opening or closing, depending on the temperature you have set and if the zone is too cool or too warm. A zone control panel acts as the “brains” of your zoned HVAC system, communicating between the HVAC system, the dampers and the thermostats.

Zoned HVAC systems are ideal if your home has:

  • Multiple levels
  • Large windows or sunrooms
  • High ceilings
  • Room additions
  • A finished attic or basement
  • Any area that is hard to heat or cool

If you have rooms in your house that are warmer or cooler than others, Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing would love to help you create your home’s ideal temperature settings, reducing your energy bill and maximizing the comfort of all your family member. We can walk you through how your house could benefit from a zoned HVAC system as well as install it. Call today for more information.

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