How To Choose The Perfect Thermostat

Thermostat choices can make (or break) your energy bills as well as directly impact your level of comfort in your home. There are many advantages to thermostat choices of smart versus programmable. Most of the criteria used to choose the perfect thermostat will be determined by your home. Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can help you determine which thermostat choice is best for you whether you live in a condo, townhome, single family home or a multi-family home.

Increase your comfort levels and lower your energy bills by making the right thermostat choices, with these tips:

The Programmable Thermostat Option: For those seeking more control over their HVAC systems, a programmable thermostat may be the right choice. If your schedule is routine, you don’t require remote access and you’re looking for an inexpensive thermostat option, the programmable thermostat could be for you.

There are three types of programmable thermostats including: 5-1-1 models for setting the temperature 5 days of the week, 1 for Saturday, and 1 for Sunday, 5-2 models for setting the temp 5 days of the week but only 1 temp for both weekend days or 7-day models for setting the temp each day of the week.

The Smart Thermostat Option: When you set minimum and maximum acceptable temperatures, the smart thermostat will control the energy consumption and temperature levels of your home for you. A Wi-Fi-enabled/Smart Programmable Thermostat can hook up to your Internet connection and even connect to mobile apps. Imagine, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature on your thermostat right from your smartphone!

The Learning Thermostat takes the smart thermometer to the next level. This type of device can help you manage your home’s temperature using algorithms that “learn” to anticipate and adjust your home’s climate based on humidity, outside temps, inside temps, etc.

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