4 HVAC Power Surge Protection Tips To Implement This Spring

Spring is the season we all wait for when the dreary winter gets too tiring, but with spring fever and spring training comes spring showers. April showers bring May flowers and, on frequent occasion, power outages. When a power surge happens, your HVAC system can feel the impact in many ways, and there are a few steps to protect your system when the inevitable power surge takes place.

Follow These HVAC Power Surge Protection Tips When Spring Arrives:

  1. Turn off your HVAC system. When the sky is opening up and lightning is striking, one of the best acts a home or business owner can take is to shut their heating and cooling system off. This can be done at the circuit breaker or thermostat level.
  2. Install surge protectors. Another easy to implement HVAC power surge protection action is a small investment in surge protectors. They will act as a buffer between your HVAC system and any excess electricity or power surge, that can occur during a severe storm. Your surge protectors should be set up at the entry point of the main power line.
  3. Consider time delay devices. Surprisingly, your HVAC power surge protection does not end when the storm ends. Power surges can also happen after a power outage when the power grid begins stabilizing. A thermostat featuring a time-delay device can ensure the HVAC system remains off for a short period of time after the power has been restored and stabilized as an added layer of protection.
  4. Bring in the pros. Of course, handling the HVAC power surge protection for your home can be overwhelming and time-consuming. An HVAC professional can help you assess the best practices for your unique system and get you protected, just in time for the spring storms!

Spring in the Athens area brings with it thunderstorms and lightning. While you can’t control the weather, by following these tips you can feel confident knowing your heating and cooling system is as protected as it possibly can be. In the event you need assistance, be sure to reach out to Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing!

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