Done Renovating? Here’s Why You Must Get a New HVAC Unit

A significant renovation can help a business grow, giving it a new look. But did you know you must upgrade your HVAC unit, too, once the renovation is complete? Here are must-read reasons why you’ve got to do this:

Balanced Cooling and Heating

If you’re remodeling your restaurant or retail store and want to accommodate more people, you’ll need a more powerful HVAC unit or system. In addition to cooling down the customers in your space, the air conditioner will remove moisture from the air, like sweat.

If you’re using the same system as before, you may need to update it because your customers and employees will start feeling uncomfortable in such a hot environment. They may even leave your restaurant or retail store if things don’t change.

New Airflow Direction

A change or renovation in the layout of your space also leads to changes in the airflow direction, too. Therefore, you must modify or replace the ventilation system. If you keep the same ventilation system after moving a wall or cubicle partition in your space, you’ll have to face poor air quality, foul odor, cold spots, etc.

Also, the air inside your space will become stagnant because of a lack of ventilation, and your employees could develop sick building syndrome.

Next time you renovate your space, contact an HVAC service professional and redesign your air ducts and ventilation system to keep them in good condition.

New Heating and Cooling Requirements

An office space’s heating and cooling requirements are generally different from another, and each type of business has other needs. For example, if you’re planning to use the space for a retail store, its heating and cooling requirements will be different from a yoga studio or an office.

Also, the heating and cooling requirements will vary depending on the working hours. For instance, if your business hours are only limited to daytime, your heating and cooling demands will differ from businesses that operate the whole day. If you’re renovating a space for new purposes, you should get a new HVAC unit.

As another example, think of laptops. Many laptops nowadays contain moderate amounts of heat during operation, which, in turn, generates more heat inside the space. Therefore, as computers are introduced into an area with an existing HVAC unit without increasing its capacity, the HVAC unit has to work harder with increased stress being placed on it. As time goes on, this will lead to breakdowns and improper operation.

Finally, suppose you increase or decrease the size of your space. In that case, you may need an additional or replacement HVAC unit because every HVAC system has a definite capacity and maximum coverage area. If you continue using your old HVAC unit even after changing the size of your space, your HVAC unit will start performing poorly.

Besides, your HVAC units will start having more wear and tear, which will lead to heavy repairs. Moreover, you’ll notice an increase in your HVAC operational costs because you must consult an HVAC technician and replace the old HVAC unit with a new one.


Changes in size and layout necessitate upgrading your company’s HVAC system for customer and employee satisfaction. You will have more room to cool and heat during the appropriate seasons, but these also ensure your staff enjoys working in your offices and customers keep coming back, even if it’s just for the cool or temperate breeze.

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