• Only standard filters are included in the agreement. Any specialty filter media such as Space Guard will be billed additionally.
  • All scheduled labor shall be performed during normal working hours. All after hours work will be billed additionally for the difference between standard billing and after-hours billing.
  • For services not covered under this agreement and performed by STILES HEATING AND COOLING, upon your authorization, you agree to pay STILES HEATING AND COOLING, upon presentation of itemized invoice(s) of STILES HEATING AND COOLING’S prevailing labor, transportation and material charges less 15%.
  • This agreement, when accepted by your signature and approved by the authorized STILES HEATING AND COOLING representative, shall constitute the entire agreement between us, and all prior agreements are suspended.
  • This agreement may be adjusted by us on any agreement anniversary date for changes in labor and material costs as compared to labor and material costs at the last adjusted anniversary date.
  • STILES HEATING AND COOLING shall not be liable for any loss, delay, or injury or damage that may be caused by circumstances beyond its control, including, but not restricted to, acts of God, fire, theft, explosions, vandalism, floods or delays in transportation.
  • STILES HEATING AND COOLING shall not be liable for loss of business or con-sequential damages other than property damage or injury to persons caused as a direct result of negligence by STILES HEATING AND COOLING in performance or failure of performance of its obligations under this agreement.

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