Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance: a Step-by-Step Guide

Don’t wait until your HVAC system malfunctions to call a technician. Scheduling routine maintenance and inspections can save you cost in the long run. Properly maintaining a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system is also important for avoiding costly repairs and downtime. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you schedule your HVAC maintenance.

Decide How Often You Need to Schedule Maintenance

Before you start scheduling, you need to decide how often your HVAC system needs to be maintained. Generally, the recommendation is to have your system checked once a year. 

The time of year for the inspection depends on the type of system. If you have a heat pump, the heating and cooling components of your system should be inspected separately, so that could mean two inspections per year. 

Find an HVAC Contractor 

Next, you need to find an HVAC contractor who can provide the services you need. It’s important that you find someone who fits in your budget, but will still provide quality work. Things to check for are licensing, reviews, and experience. At Stiles Services, we know what it takes to get the job done in the most efficient way for you. 

Request a Quote 

Once you have chosen an HVAC contractor, you should request a quote before booking an appointment. Make sure the quote includes all the details of the services you requested and any additional services that are being recommended. 

Schedule the Maintenance

After getting the quote, you can schedule an appointment with the contractor. Decide a date and time for the maintenance session which is convenient for you. 

If the time is flexible for you, ensure to request the contractor for availability to avoid any last-minute rescheduling.  

Prepare Your Home

Before the technician arrives, make sure to prepare your home. Clear up the space around the HVAC system so they can easily access it. 

If you have pets or young children at home, move them away from the designated area where the technician will be working. Make sure your system is powered off so that the technician can start their work without interruption. 

Monitor the Maintenance

Once the technician starts the maintenance, you can observe the process and ensure that everything is done properly. 

Make sure to ask them questions about any unusual sounds or features to get a better understanding of the system. You can also point out any specific parts that might need extra care.

Get Necessary Repairs 

When the technician finishes the inspection, they will give you a report with their findings. You should evaluate the report carefully to decide if you need to get any repairs done. 

If they recommend any major repairs, request another quotation and go through the details before you agree to any services.

Keep Records

After the maintenance is done, make sure to keep all the papers and invoices in a safe place. This is important so that you have a record of the service and can show it to the contractor if you need to call for another inspection.


Scheduling your HVAC maintenance regularly is a great way to ensure the system operates efficiently and that you avoid large bills for repairs. Follow the steps outlined above to make sure your HVAC maintenance is done properly and on time.

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