Does Your Plumber Recommend Garbage Disposals? Find Out

The quick answer is yes. Garbage disposals offer a wide range of benefits to your home. With today’s modern homes, many homeowners have adopted the convenience of a garbage disposal, so your plumber will likely be a fan of the addition. However, you should read on to see if a garbage disposal is the best improvement for your household.

Garbage Disposals Reduce Food Waste

Garbage disposals reduce food waste in your home—and if you’re recycling at home, that’s a good thing. Your disposal gobbles up food waste and sends it straight to the city sewage system.

Of course, you need to run the disposal regularly to prevent clogs. The spinning blades can also help grind up and reduce food waste in the wastewater system.

Disposals Save Time

Unfortunately, our modern world is a busy one. We all have endless to-do lists and multiple things to check and manage on a daily basis. Even those who only have to pay the mortgage still have the weekly chores, the regular car service, and all the other small tasks that keep us running from morning to night. Because of all this busyness, a garbage disposal is one of the best upgrades for your kitchen.

With a garbage disposal, you can just toss food waste down the drain, and it will be gone. There’s no need to scrub the colander, strain the food, and dump it in the trash. You don’t have to drive out to the curb to empty the garbage either. All of these tasks represent more time and hassle in your day. If you can just let your garbage disposal do the work, you can save time and reduce some of that stress.

Disposals Make the Most of Your Water

Garbage disposals use water—but they also help you make the most of your water. The spinning blades are like oversized food processors, chopping up your food and grinding it into smaller pieces so it can easily go down the drain.

However, the main benefit is that your water will be used more efficiently. You won’t have to strain out any food particles, and you won’t have to scrub or wash the dishes or the sink. What’s more, your disposer will grind up fibrous foods like celery, and those fibrous foods can help prevent clogs and repairs.

Disposals Can Save on Power

A garbage disposal is a relatively minor appliance in your home, but it can help you save on power over time. The spinning blades grind up your food waste, making it easier to flush down the drain. The less food you have to strain out and dispose of, the less power you need to use to do it.


Garbage disposals are a nice addition to your home. They reduce food waste, conserve water, and save time and energy, making your life a little easier.

If your plumber recommends a garbage disposal, it’s probably a good idea to get one. After all, if your plumber recommends the improvement, you know it’s a good one!

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