Everything You Need To Know About Air Handlers

Heard the term air handler being thrown around and felt at a loss? Don’t worry; we’ve got the tips you need to become an expert on the topic of air handlers. From what exactly is an air handler to how does it work with my heating and cooling system, we’ve got answers to your most pressing air handler-related conundrums. Soon you’ll be impressing all your friends and the life of the party! Well…do they have heating and cooling parties?

Answers to Frequently Asked Air Handler Questions:

What is an air handler? An air handler, also referred to an air handling unit, may be abbreviated to AHU. The air handler is typically a large metal box part of your HVAC system responsible for regulating and circulating the air. The air handler is made up of a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators and dampers.

What are the top manufacturers of air handlers? There are several top manufacturers of air handlers. One of the top manufacturers is the HVAC-leader, Carrier Corporation. You may also find these systems from brands such as CIAT Group, Emerson Network Power, Trane or Johnson Controls.

How do air handlers work with my HVAC system? Air handlers, in many cases, are connected to your ductwork ventilation system. This system distributes the conditioned air throughout your home and returns it to your air handler.

What types of air handlers are there? Air handlers can be both small and large. Small air handlers can be referred to as terminal units and typically consist of an air filter, coil and blower. Larger units condition 100 percent of outside air and are referred to as makeup air units. There is also an air handler model designed solely for outdoor use. These units can withstand the elements, are typically installed on roofs and are known as a packaged unit or rooftop unit (RTU).

Do I need an air handler? The short answer: maybe. If your HVAC system is what’s known as a split air conditioner system, you will likely require the addition of an air handler. These types of systems are commonly required in warmer, more humid climates. A professional HVAC service provider can help you weigh the advantages of installing an air handler.

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