Hear Your Air Conditioner Short Cycling? Everything You Need To Know

Have you heard the term “short cycling” before? No, it’s not a quick bike ride or a quick load of wash in your washing machine. It refers to your air conditioning system. Have you been told your system is short cycling, or do you suspect this term describes your issue? If so, read on. We’ve got the skinny on the air conditioner short cycling conundrum.

Air Conditioner Short Cycling Definition

Okay, so what actually is air conditioner short cycling? It’s always a good idea to define the problem before we attempt to correct it. So let’s start by making sure we understand how short cycling is defined.

Air conditioners are supposed to turn on and off, to keep your home at the desired temperature. When your system begins to turn on and off at fast, frequent and erratic intervals, this is air conditioner short cycling.

Air Conditioner Short Cycling Effects

Why is short cycling bad for my HVAC system? If your air conditioner is short cycling, it suggests a larger problem with a potential breakdown coming. The constant effort of turning on and off also puts unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioning unit.

You may also notice your indoor air temperature is not as cool as you’d like, since your AC system is not working at its best. Lastly, your energy bill might send you through the roof next month, as it takes more energy to sustain the short cycling of your system.  

What causes air conditioner short cycling? Typical causes of air conditioner short cycling include a system too powerful for your home, moisture or ice buildup on your evaporator coils and somewhat simple maintenance items like a clogged air filter or low refrigerant.

Air Conditioner Short Cycling Next Steps

What should I do if my AC unit is short cycling? First, check your air filter. If it looks severely blocked, see if replacing or cleaning it fixes the issue. If not, a call to your HVAC service provider is in order.

Can I prevent short cycling? Yes! With routine preventive maintenance of your air conditioning unit, you can prevent air conditioner short cycling. Keeping your air filter clean is the first step to prevent short cycling.

Finally, hire a professional to maintain your HVAC system at regular intervals. These steps lead to a reduced likelihood of short cycling and increased energy efficiency. You can also detect problems while they are small and less costly, and ensure year-round comfort and good air quality in your home.

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