6 Signs of an Impending Furnace Breakdown

Football season is in full swing. As you host friends and family for big games (think Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl), you will want to be sure your furnace is in tiptop shape. Nothing ruins touchdowns and chicken wings more than a furnace breakdown! Here are six signs to watch for, so your furnace doesn’t break down during big football games and leave you and your guests in the cold.

Furnace age
Do you know how old your furnace is? A properly-maintained furnace can last for 15-20 years. As the furnace gets older, it becomes less efficient and requires more repairs, and that means it is time to explore getting a new furnace. Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can help you select and install the best furnace for your family’s needs. Here are three factors to keep in mind when it comes to replacing your furnace.

Higher bills
As we said, furnaces run less efficiently as they age, especially if regular HVAC maintenance hasn’t been on your to-do list, and this means your energy bill will continue to increase. Reverse the trend with a new, more efficient furnace.

Repair costs piling up
All furnaces will need repairs at some point, but there are a few factors to consider when deciding if you should repair or replace your furnace, including how long the repair will last, the age of your furnace, if it is an issue of safety and the cost of a furnace repair versus buying a new furnace.

Unusual furnace noises
As your furnace nears breaking down (or at least is in need of a repair), it will make strange, loud noises, such as banging, humming, squealing, rattling or popping. Have your furnace checked as soon as possible to see what is making the sound you hear and what you need to do next.

Overheating smells
Do you smell hot metal (like an overheated motor) or hot plastic or rubber (like burning wires) coming from your furnace? If so, certain inside components of your furnace may be getting too hot and could be overheating or burning. Turn off the furnace immediately and then contact Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing to inspect and repair the furnace as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep an eye on the furnace for a few hours to make sure a fire doesn’t start or any other problems occur.

Bad airflow
Have you noticed reduced airflow, your home not getting warm enough or your furnace running longer than usual? Have your HVAC system checked for these airflow issues and to see if you need a repair or replacement.

If you notice any of these six signs, call Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing immediately to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment. We will inspect your HVAC system for issues, clean it and make repairs as necessary. Should you need a new furnace, we can help you select and install the best furnace for your home and your family’s health, comfort and wallet.

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