HVAC Systems: 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Working in the heating and cooling industry, we get asked questions about HVAC systems all the time, and the questions run the gamut, from improving indoor air quality to the best thermostats to use and the sounds and smells of an HVAC system. Here are four frequently asked questions we hear from homeowners when it comes to their HVAC systems.

  • How long will my HVAC system last?
    Regular HVAC system maintenance is critical when answering this question. While there are no guarantees for how long your HVAC system will last, your air conditioner can function for approximately 14 years if you regularly maintain it. And your furnace can run for 15-20 years, again if properly maintained. We recommend having your HVAC system checked by a professional twice a year (in the spring for your air conditioner and in the fall for your furnace). The HVAC technician cleans your HVAC system and inspects it for any issues. These appointments are critical to ensure your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently. An HVAC maintenance plan is a great way to avoid missing those two important appointments each year and making sure your system is in the best shape it can be for your family.
  • What are best practices for maintaining the air filter in my HVAC system?
    As a homeowner, it is important that you know how to change your air filter and how often you should. Having a clean air filter is critical to ensure your HVAC system isn’t straining and working harder than it needs to. During your next HVAC maintenance appointment, ask the HVAC technician to show you where to locate the air filter, how you can remove it, how to check the cleanliness of the air filter and how to replace it with a new filter when needed. Typically, we recommend you change your air filter every 30-90 days. What type of air filter you use and how much your HVAC system runs both factor into this timeframe. There are many different types of air filters, so check out this blog post to determine which one is best for your HVAC system.
  • Should I have a zoned HVAC system?
    If your house has rooms that run warmer or cooler than others, then you can divide your home into multiple zones in order to customize the temperature in each particular zone. One regular individual thermostat for your house doesn’t allow you to control the temperature in each room of the house like a zoned HVAC system does. Each zone would be a room or group of rooms with similar heating and cooling needs. Perhaps you want to keep all the bedrooms upstairs in your house cooler while you keep the common space on the main floor warmer. A zoned HVAC system means your heating and cooling is more efficient, so it saves money on your energy bill. Check out this “Energy Savers” guide from the U.S. Department of Energy for additional tips on saving money and energy in your home.
  • What does my warranty cover for my HVAC system?
    HVAC systems are an investment, so it is wise to get a warranty to protect your investment. When purchasing a warranty, pay attention to all the details regarding what the warranty covers. Make sure you know the answers to questions like: Does it cover specific parts? Is labor included? Are there any additional fees associated with the warranty work? How long does each part of the warranty last? What do you need to do (or not do) to prevent voiding the warranty by mistake? Is accidental damage or mistakes done by an HVAC contractor during installation or service visits covered? Be sure to ask questions about the details of the warranty before purchasing, so you secure the best choice for your home and family.

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