7 Common HVAC Problems that Homeowners Discover in Spring

Many people can be quite excited about spring because the cold has gone and everything is warming up. But while this shift can bring forth quite a number of beauties such as blooming flowers and longer periods of sunshine, there are a couple of bad things that can also come up during this colorful season. For homeowners, that would be HVAC issues showing up on the property.

Luckily, if you know what problems to look out for and what may have caused these problems to occur, you’ll be better equipped to call up an HVAC contractor who can deal with the worries. Continue reading to understand some of the most common HVAC problems that homeowners can come across during springtime.

1) Clogged Air Filters

The air filter is tasked with keeping the contaminants and dust particles out of the system so that your home’s indoor air stays clean. During spring, as the weather turns warmer, more dust and dirt will be kicked up by winds, which can clog up the air filters. Expect to see your air conditioner and furnace to become less efficient or break down.

2) Dirt-Filled Coils

Dirt, leaves, and moisture can build up on the indoor coil in your HVAC unit and prevent your system from working properly. Meanwhile, dirt-filled coils can also mean you may have a leaky unit. If you notice an increase in your utility bills, check out the coils first to see if they’re clogged with dirt and debris.

3) Unmaintained Condenser

The condenser is the outside mechanism that helps to release cool air into your home. The condenser coils absorb the heat from the air, and if the exterior air is too hot, the condenser can’t function properly. This means that your furnace can’t push the cool air into your home, and your home’s temperature can get hot.

4) Sudden Refrigerator Leaks

When the weather turns warmer, this can make the refrigerators work harder and cause the refrigerant system to deteriorate. The change can lead to the rupture of the refrigerant pipes, and the refrigerant can leak out into the property. This can be a costly issue, and you can call in a reputable HVAC contractor to fix it.

5) Wonky Thermostat

In the spring, the thermostat may not be working properly, or the adjustable settings may be off. It could be that the indoor temperature has become uncomfortable, and you need to adjust the settings back to where it belongs. Once you get the thermostat repaired by a specialist, the rest of the HVAC system can go back to normal.

6) Tripped Breaker Switches

Many homeowners can use spring to schedule regular maintenance for their HVAC units, including regular servicing, filter replacement, and other necessary parts replacement. This can be a good time to call in a specialist to check the circuit breakers to see if the tripped breakers are clearly the cause of the HVAC system not working anymore.

7) Duct Issues

When spring comes, you can also expect the ducts to get dirty, which can make your HVAC system stop working effectively. This can include dust and dirt clogging up the ducts, or even the ducts being broken altogether. Have the vents checked out, so that you can remedy the problem before it becomes worse.


The above-mentioned HVAC problems are only some of the most common issues that homeowners may discover during spring. Be on the lookout for any problem indicators coming from your HVAC unit, or an increase in your utility bills.

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