4 Ways To Keep Your Older Home Warm This Winter

Older homes offer so much character and nostalgia, but they can be less energy efficient and just downright cold during winter. Heating older homes evenly and efficiently comes with a few challenges, and keeping warm and controlling energy costs in your older home is not impossible. If you are shivering in your older home and shuddering when you open your utility bill, there is hope to alleviate your discomfort with a few key tips:  

  1. Consider Ductless Heat Pumps – Older homes often lack sufficient air distribution systems. When considering upgrading your older home, the major challenge your HVAC service provider will face is improving the air distribution system. Many older homes have no ductwork at all in certain areas, making ductless systems a viable alternative.
  2. Insulate Like Crazy – Insulation is extremely beneficial to heating older homes as well as keeping your heating system from working overtime. By consulting with an HVAC professional, you can determine the best places to focus on for insulation.
  3. Install a Programmable Thermostat – Replacing an old thermostat with a newer programmable model can create different heating schedules for every day of the week and solve challenges related to heating older homes and while saving money on heating bills.
  4. Install Radiant Floor Heating – Radiant floor heating usually helps with heating older homes by providing energy efficiency through panels which transfer heat quickly and are easy to retrofit.

Your older house may be an amazing treasure, and due to many factors, it may be too cold, too hot and an energy waster. If that’s the case, you can make a few key changes now that will make heating your older home easier and, in turn, save you money. When you’re ready to assess what your options are with your older home’s heating and cooling system, reach out to the Nate-certified professionals at Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing in Athens. We’ll help determine what makes the most sense for your unique property.

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