Keep Critters Out Of Your Crawl Space

When critters creep into the crawl space, bad things can happen. Strange noises can keep you awake at night. If they get trapped and perish, it can cause a terrible stench to seep through your home and some critters bring with them diseases you certainly don’t want near your family. Creating an animal-proof crawl space is the best way to prevent all these nuisances from taking place in your home.

What is a crawl space? The crawl space exists between the ground and the underside of your home and typically a few feet high. When accessible, the crawl space can be an entryway for rodents to enter your home via HVAC systems, air ducts, the water pipes or the electrical wiring.

6 Ways To Make Your Home Crawl Space Animal-proof:

  1. Seal All Openings – By sealing spacing under the walls, unsealed corners and cracks with caulking, foam insulation or wood, you limit access for rodents to get in. This is the number one step to creating an animal-proof crawl space.
  2. Spread Vapor Barrier – The moisture in the crawlspace appeals to animals such as raccoons, opossums, rats, mice etc. Adding a barrier of thick rubber membrane or strong plastic creates a protective barrier.
  3. Keep Brush Away from Home – Brush and hedges close to your home will attract the critters you seek to keep away. They trap moisture and soften the soil, making entry easier as well.  
  4. Lay Concrete Floor and Footing – A small concrete wall with a concrete floor around your home will further promote an animal-proof crawl space. Rodents, such as moles, voles and mice will be prohibited from burrowing through the soil to access your crawl space.
  5. Lay Traps and Inspect – Setting traps around the exterior of your crawl space is an effective way to catch critters before they enter.
  6. Maintenance – Continuously monitor the exterior of your home for new possible points of entry.

Crawl spaces can easily become a dwelling for pests, if not properly maintained. Critter infestation can easily  wreak havoc on your living space through your HVAC system. Creating an animal-proof crawl space is easy with a few steps and continuous monitoring of the area. 

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