An Explanation on AC Settings & the AC Remote Functions

Over the years, air conditioning has gone through numerous advancements. New AC systems tend to have plenty of functionalities and features that can seem overwhelming. In this blog, that will be explained in detail. It’s vital to have an understanding of just what every part actually does.

It should be noted that air conditioners vary somewhat. When it comes to controls, most aircon remotes generally have the same ones. Aside from helping to keep the home comfortable, learning to operate air conditioning also helps the AC’s overall lifetime. This is also where getting regular AC service comes in. When a system runs at its prime, the homeowner’s carbon footprint will lessen and there will be more savings when it comes to utility builds.

AC Remote Functions

  • Fan Speed

The fan speed setting allows the user to adjust the speed at which the home either cools down or heats up.. Most AC units generally have four fan speed settings: auto, low, medium, and high. “Auto” is a setting that allows the fan speed to be regulated with whatever the room’s temperature is alongside desired temperature settings. This way, the indoor temperature will be consistent.

  • Quiet or Silent Mode

While this is self-explanatory, it’s worth taking note of anyway. Some people prefer to use their AC throughout the night as they sleep. However, the low humming noise can get in the way of sweet dreams. ‘Quiet mode’ or ‘silent mode’ will go a long way in helping to decrease noise.

  • Swing Control

AC units have a swing mechanism in front that can be adjusted with an AC remote. This is so that the air coming out of the AC can be directed wherever the user wants it to go. Older AC units typically allow vertical adjustments, while newer systems allow horizontal adjustments too.

There’s also an auto-swing function on some units, which helps the angle of distribution to shift. In turn, air then keeps moving into various parts of the room the unit is in.

  • Timer Settings

Most air conditioners are equipped with a timer, which can be programmed with the remote control. Setting a timer on the AC allows the user to set a schedule for its use so that it runs at optimal times. Some people, for example, set their AC to turn off when everyone’s left for work and/or school. It can also be set to turn on half an hour before people get home, so that the temperature is already set as people walk in the door.


Air conditioning is crucial in order to keep a nice, cool temperature indoors. With the advancement of technology, modern AC units have a number of new features and functions. Remote controls can be a huge help in navigating all of it.

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