4 HVAC Technology Updates You Should Know About

Advances in technology have made an impact on nearly every industry, and the heating and cooling industry is no different. Here are four HVAC technology updates changing our industry and how you heat and cool your home.

  • Greenspeed® Intelligence
    • An HVAC system with Greenspeed® Intelligence, like the Infinity® System from Carrier, combines energy efficiency and ultra-quiet performance. It gathers and uses information to ensure your system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. This information could include the temperature outside, your family’s comfort preferences, how much energy your home uses and more. Using this information and adaptable speed technology, the system will adapt to continually meet your family’s heating and cooling preferences needs.
    • The system runs slowly and quietly for longer stretches of time, keeping temperatures more consistent throughout your home, using less energy and running quietly. The longer run time also increases the effectiveness of air purifiers and humidifiers. Greenspeed® Intelligence is available with the Infinity® 98 gas furnace or Infinity® 20 heat pump by Carrier.
  • Smart Thermostats
    Unlike a regular thermostat, a “smart” thermostat can learn. From your behaviors, it learns what temperatures your family likes for your home and can adjust automatically to those settings, depending on the room you are in. It will also turn off when you leave the room or the house, which saves you money, and can show you real-time energy usage and how much you’re spending.

    This HVAC technology advance is controlled over Wi-Fi, so you can make changes remotely. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we do everything, it seems, and that includes how you control your HVAC system. Using your smartphone, you can change your home’s temperature settings remotely from anywhere. Maybe you forgot to turn off the heat or air before leaving for the day or on vacation, or you want to turn them on before you get home from work. Through your smartphone, you can make it happen. Smart thermostats and smartphone technology help your HVAC system run more efficiently and save you money, both of which are smart.
  • Energy-Saving Technology
    The Infinity® System from Carrier offers several technologies that enable you to save energy and lower your energy bill. In addition to Greenspeed® Intelligence, these technologies include:

    • Hybrid Heat® Technology – Based on the temperature outside, this technology uses the most cost-effective fuel source between the Infinity heat pump and gas furnace.
    • Ideal Humidity System™ – This system removes moisture from your home’s air, so you can raise the temperature in your home comfortably and save money.
    • Comfort Heat Technology® – This technology maintains temperature consistency and uses the least amount of energy while meeting your needs and running quietly on low for longer stretches of time.
    • Variable-Speed Technology – Regular systems turn on and off based on indoor temperature changes, but this technology doesn’t work as hard to keep consistent temperatures, plus it dehumidifies better and runs quietly to reduce your energy bill.Inverter Technology – Instead of running frequently at full capacity, this technology means your system only uses energy when necessary, and it gives you more temperature control, operates quietly and saves on your energy bill.
  • Self-Diagnosing Systems
    • Newer HVAC systems can self-diagnose issues (such as repairs or routine maintenance needed), communicate it to you as the homeowner and sometimes perform the repair itself. You will still want to call an HVAC professional to follow up on this self-diagnosis and, if necessary, perform routine maintenance or replace parts.

Technology will continue to change the landscape of the HVAC industry, and Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing stays on top of these updates to help our customers implement them in their homes for better heating and cooling. We are also a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer and can help you choose the right Carrier system for your home when the time comes.

For more HVAC technology updates or if you have questions, contact Stiles Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing.

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