UV Air CleanersCarrierĀ® UVLCC Ultraviolet Air Cleaners

Quick Look

  • Prevention Type: Bacteria & Mold
  • Bulb Warranty: 90 Day
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

Product Overview

The CarrierĀ® Performance Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Light stands proudly among the very best air cleaners on the markets. The UV lamps kill mold, bacteria, and other nasty contaminants near your indoor coils, stopping the problems right at their source before they can circulate throughout your home. In addition, the lights keep your system squeaky clean while at the same time increasing the overall efficiency of your system. You can safely trust the quality of the airflow throughout your home when you use the CarrierĀ® Performance Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Light.

Product Brochure

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