Quick Look

  • MERV 15
  • Yes
  • Best

Product Overview

For the best media air cleaner, install Carrier®’s Infinity Air Purifier, GAPAA. You can breathe easier knowing the GAPAA is trapping and killing airborne pathogens in your home. Quiet operation and seamless compatibility with your current HVAC system makes this air cleaner ideal for any home. It eliminates up to 95% of bacteria, mold, and other viruses floating in your indoor air. The GAPAA re-purifies circulated indoor air up to 8 times an hour!

  • Product Features

    • MERV 15 filter
    • Whole home air purification system
    • Protects other HVAC equipment
    • Can be used with almost any ductwork system
    • Long-lasting and easy to replace filters
    • Captures and Kills technology
    • 10-years parts limited warranty
  • Specifications

    • Capture rate of 95% of particles down to .3 micron size
    • Germicidal rate of 99%
    • Filter efficiency with MERV 15
    • Low airflow resistance
    • Recommended: Infinity control

    • True Sense dirty filter detection
    • Flexible installation: horizontal flow, upflow, or downflow
    • Furnace sizes:
      • 1625: 18.5”H x 11.125”W x 25.25”D
      • 2025: 22”H x 11.125”W x 25.25”D
    • 120V (furnace model)
    • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet, in pre-painted taupe metallic