If your furnace keeps turning off and on, you are sure be concerned about the possibilities. The issue is known as short cycling, and there are many possible causes. You already realize that failure to fix the problem will prevent you from being able to keep your home comfortable during cold weather. However, pinpointing the issue may be challenging. One of the most common sources of short cycling trouble with a furnace is a dirty filter. Before you panic, check your filter to be sure that it isn’t clogged. Make the replacement if it is warranted, and test your system to see if the cycling issue is resolved.

More Serious Heating System Issues

If your filter replacement doesn’t resolve the issue, you will need the help of a heating expert. There are many potential sources of the problem, including:

  • Problems with the circuit board
  • Thermostat connections
  • Dirty flame rod
  • Water in the tubing or pressure switch
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Improper venting or a plugged vent
  • Malfunctioning inducer

Individuals without specialized knowledge of heating equipment may spend a lot of time guessing. It’s even possible to damage your system as you attempt to resolve the problem. Dealing with a gas system can also lead to hazards related to home safety. It’s important to contact an HVAC specialist for assistance with the diagnostics. Your technician is trained to meticulously pinpoint problems, and you won’t have to worry about inadvertent damage to your equipment.

Avoiding Short Cycling

One of the best ways to avoid experiencing a problem with your heating system cycles is to schedule a fall tune-up. Annual heating maintenance can extend the life of your equipment. It can also lead to an early diagnosis of potential problems. Most homeowners don’t think about the performance of their heating equipment until that first cold snap of fall. At this point, HVAC technicians experience an increase in service calls related to such malfunctions. Preventive care for your equipment can save you this frustration.

Your technician from Stiles Heating & Cooling is able to provide a thorough inspection of your system. Loose parts are tightened, and connections are checked for leaks. Issues like dirty flame rods can be handled easily. If you do have any broken parts, you will have time to get them fixed or replaced before the weather turns really cold. Our maintenance plans are great for customers with older equipment as we provide discounts for parts and labor on related repairs.

Considering an Upgrade

While most short-cycling issues are fairly simple, those related to inducers or heat exchangers can be expensive. We can provide you with a comparison of repair costs and upgrade costs if your repairs will be extensive. It’s also helpful to remember that new equipment is more energy-efficient. Additionally, a federal tax credit may defray costs further if you install an eligible heating unit by the end of 2013. Our representatives in Athens, GA and Anderson, SC are available to answer your questions or schedule an appointment when you call.