If you are accustomed to using a central heating and air conditioning system, you may wonder about the operation of ductless equipment for your home. The units can appear small in comparison to central equipment, and many of our customers are concerned with whether such an option is a truly viable choice for their homes. Ductless cooling and heating equipment is actually very economical to install. It also provides homeowners with extreme efficiency and precision for home comfort needs.

The Difference Between Ductless Heating and Cooling and a Central System

A central HVAC system uses powerful equipment to condition and move air throughout your home via a system of ducts. The energy needed to effectively moderate the temperature of your home can be affected by many factors. These include:

  • Heating and cooling load – a variety of structural and landscape features affect your home’s needs
  • Ductwork – leaks, sizing and insulation can cause energy loss or problems with efficient delivery of air; ducts are responsible for up to 40 percent of your HVAC operating expenses
  • Contamination of equipment – particles in the airstream can create problems with efficient operation of your system’s critical components
  • Whole-home temperature moderation – it takes a lot of energy to moderate temperatures consistently throughout the structure

A ductless system breaks the heating and cooling activity down to a room-by-room configuration. While a common heat pump is used to handle electronic and refrigerant activity, ducts are completely eliminated from the system design as indoor units deliver heated and cooled air to specific zones.

How Will Ductless Heating and Cooling Benefit Me?

One of the most significant benefits of updating to a ductless comfort system is the elimination of ducts from your home comfort equation. The energy loss that is associated with ducts can be instantly discontinued when your ductless cooling and heating is in place. That equates to as much as 40 percent less in operating costs. You can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Precision temperature moderation – equipment can operate independently in each area based on specific uses and needs
  • Minimal operation in vacant rooms – keep settings minimized when the kids are at school or when the guest room is empty
  • Maximum comfort – use intensive temperature control for one individual without adversely affecting others in the home
  • Improved indoor air quality – the elimination of ducts limits the movement of pollutants, germs, viruses and mold throughout the house
  • Additions and enclosures – ductless equipment is an excellent solution for areas that lack ductwork

Is Ductless Right for Me?

Stiles Heating & Cooling specializes in finding the right solutions for our customers while maintaining excellent value. We can visit your home in the Athens, GA or Anderson, SC  areas to evaluate the design of your home and the function of your existing HVAC system. We can provide you with options for coordinating ductless equipment in limited areas of your home. We can also provide you with options for converting your entire comfort system to ductless equipment. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.