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“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving” –W. T. Purkiser

During this holiday season, we are featuring a long time Stiles customer for our Community Spotlight. We are excited to spread the news that Varennes Heights Baptist Church has opened a new child care center located near the Homeland Park community.

Tiffany Bratcher, the manager of the facility, is a warm and caring teacher with a great team of individuals who are dedicated to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health of the children in their care. They work together like a family to provide a safe and happy environment that children look forward to coming to.

The Varennes Heights Baptist Church Child Development Center provides quality childcare for 6 weeks through 5th grade in various day care and after school programs. It is located at 440 Masters Boulevard in Anderson which is conveniently near several local manufacturing plants which makes easy drop-off and pick-up for parents who work nearby. They also offer free pickup from McLees, Varennes, Homeland Park, Starr, and Flat Rock elementary schools.

The after school program consists of craft time, homework help, and organized play time with plenty of indoor and outdoor space to play. After being in school all day, this is the perfect place for kids to have a little free time while still getting the help with homework that they need.

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The history of the building at 440 Masters Boulevard is really interesting! This building was formerly the BASF worldwide computer hub so it has some unique safety features that other childcare facilities don’t have: a safe room with 18 inch thick walls (which withstands harsh weather conditions), a commercial kitchen, and UPS- uninterrupted power source capabilities (which means that it has a back up generator and batteries which will keep the building supplied with power when the power goes out). It also has fireproof functions and fire alarm systems as well as automatic lock doors that require a badge scan to enter. These features offer great protection for the children now but the church also plans to make use of them in the future for the building to be a disaster relief area for the community. Their long-term plans for this facility also include senior and special needs daycare as well as using the land for recreational fields.

Varennes Heights CDC                                                                                     Varennes Heights CDC

You can support the CDC by spreading the word! Daycare and after school care is open and enrolling for 6 weeks to 4K. You can also donate the following items: Toys, Books, Games, Play equipment, Electronics like iPads.

The child care facility is currently hiring teachers and caregivers for all ages. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma/GED and have a minimum of 6 months experience in a licensed childcare facility. The successful candidate must be a Christian and provide age appropriate activities that will encourage young learners in their growth and development. Apply at the child development center at 440 Masters Boulevard in Anderson.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.