Watkinsville, GA Air Conditioning Repair & Service


As the largest town in Oconee County, Watkinsville’s history is inextricably bound up with that of the political subdivision that surrounds it. Incorporated in 1806, the town initially served as a frontier fort that supported the ongoing skirmishes between U.S. troops and Cherokee fighters. After the expulsion of the Cherokee during the 1830s, Watkinsville became known for its abundant water power and rich agricultural lands. After the 1872 formation of Oconee County, the town was chosen as the county seat and experienced a building boom that reflected its new-found importance. Although Watkinsville never became a major industrial center, it did gain favor as a tourist destination and remains popular with day-trippers and vacationers to this day.


Watkinsville sits near the northern edge of Oconee County. The town is conveniently located just a few miles to the south of Athens and about an hour to the east of Atlanta. The land that surrounds Watkinsville is comprised of a mixture of cropland, pastureland, open fields and dense pine forests. The nearby countryside is also home to a number of protected areas, including Herman C. Michael Park. Unlike the territory to the north and west, Watkinsville is relatively flat and features few impediments to cross-town travel. Important local thoroughfares include Georgia Highway 15 and U.S. Highway 441.

Population and Demographics

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Watkinsville has a population of just over 2,800. This marks a dramatic increase from 10 years earlier and underscores Watkinsville’s small-town appeal. Although much of the city’s growth can be attributed to its low housing costs and proximity to the major employment center of Athens, it’s also fueled by strong community institutions and a solid public school system. Many of Watkinsville’s residents are families with school-age children who have relocated from other parts of the state. Others are empty-nesters and retirees with deep ties to the local community. Thanks to Athens’s robust economy, few locals need to commute to Atlanta on a daily basis.

Things to Do in Watkinsville, Georgia

Despite its modest size, Watkinsville is chock-full of attractions. Local history buffs delight in the well-preserved atmosphere of the Eagle Tavern Museum. This Watkinsville favorite served as an important stop on the local stagecoach road during the early 1800s and remains stocked with artifacts from the era. For shopping enthusiasts, downtown Watkinsville offers a robust array of antique dealers and art shops that contain crafts and practical items from local artisans and artists. Nature buffs and active types have plenty of local hiking, biking and boating opportunities, including the tranquil inlets of Lake Oconee and the rugged expanse of Hard Labor Creek State Park.

Climate and Weather

Like much of the rest of northern Georgia, Watkinsville experiences a classic subtropical climate. Although local weather patterns are fairly consistent from year to year, periods of extended drought or excessive rainfall aren’t uncommon. During the winter, chilly air masses often settle over Watkinsville but rarely produce snowfall or sustained bouts of frost. The growing season generally begins by early March, and the spring months are characterized by mild weather as well as an abundance of precipitation. Throughout the summer, frequent thundershowers provide relief from humid weather and introduce dry regimes that last for days. In a typical year, Watkinsville doesn’t experience frost until late November.

Air Conditioning Repair in Watkinsville, Georgia

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