Bogart, GA Air Conditioning Repair & Service


Straddling the border between Oconee and Clarke Counties, Bogart was founded during the early years of the 19th century. Although it began as a fortified post for U.S. soldiers in the area, Bogart quickly became known for the fertile soils that surrounded it. By the mid-19th century, the area was one of Georgia’s principal cotton-producing regions. During the closing years of the century, the arrival of a railroad prompted renewed growth in Bogart’s urban core. Despite this sustained expansion, the city itself wasn’t officially incorporated until 1805. These days, Bogart stands as an important satellite town of nearby Athens and remains known for its family-friendly atmosphere.


Bogart lies about 60 miles to the northeast of Atlanta and just under 10 miles to the west of Athens. This favorable location has ensured that the town remains quiet and commuter-friendly. The area sports many public works projects that serve the two larger cities, including the newly constructed Hard Labor Creek Reservoir and the older Bear Creek Regional Reservoir. Aside from these man-made water features, the local landscape is characterized by a picturesque mixture of rolling farmland and mixed woodlands. Local transportation arteries include U.S. Highway 29 and Georgia Highways 8 and 316.

Population and Demographics

Bogart has a modest population of just over 1,000 residents. Despite its modest size, the city provides a surprising number of services to its residents and business owners. This has attracted a dedicated core of nonprofit organizations and consumer-focused businesses to Bogart’s central core. Most of the city’s inhabitants work in nearby Athens, and very few make the hour-long commute to downtown Atlanta on weekdays. Those who don’t work at the University of Georgia or one of its support organizations may contribute their talents to the high-tech businesses that have sprung up outside of Athens in recent years.

Things to Do in Bogart, Georgia

Bogart offers plenty of entertainment for locals and visitors alike. For local residents, the Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department operates the locally renowned Bogart Sports Complex. This full-service facility offers paved trails, athletic fields and picnic facilities. Meanwhile, golfers can try their luck at the award-winning Jennings Mill Country Club, a nearby facility that’s famous for hosting an important PGA satellite tour. For fans of the high arts, nearby Athens offers musical venues like the Georgia Theatre and high-end art institutions like the Georgia Museum of Art.

Climate and Weather

Like neighboring towns and cities across the Southeast, Bogart has a subtropical climate that’s characterized by mild transitional seasons, warm summers and chilly winters. Although heavy snowfall is rare here, it’s not unusual for Bogart to see a few light wintry precipitation events during the course of a normal winter. In the spring and fall, humid air masses clash with drier winds from the north to produce frequent rain showers and thunderstorms. Fortunately, these rarely produce severe weather. Although summer can be hot and humid, Bogart receives plenty of relief in the form of cool northerly breezes.

Air Conditioning Repair in Bogart, Georgia

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the NATE-certified air conditioning service technicians at Stiles Heating & Cooling, Bogart’s homeowners and business owners enjoy access to affordable, dependable HVAC systems and equipment. For years, Stiles Heating & Cooling has provided locals with top-notch products like rooftop units, central air conditioning units, split systems, heat pumps, boilers, furnaces and indoor air quality equipment. To ensure that these products remain useful for as long as possible, the company’s knowledgeable staff members also offer regular maintenance plans that stop potential problems in their tracks. For homeowners and business owners who require emergency air conditioning repair due to unexpected malfunctions or breakdowns, Stiles Heating & Cooling keeps technicians on call throughout the night.

Stiles Heating & Cooling backs up its top-shelf products with a full range of support and advice. The company’s professionally trained, background-checked technicians are proud to provide value-added services like indoor air quality checks, efficiency audits and troubleshooting advice. They’re also happy to work with customers to select equipment that fits their needs without resorting to pushy sales pitches or high-pressure tactics. With Stiles Heating & Cooling’s air conditioning service team on its side, Bogart enjoys comfort and peace of mind throughout the year.